Dissolution by C. J. Samson

STATUS: Completed

Disappointingly, I had worked out the culprit before the book’s end.  However, Samson expertly leads the reader on page-after-page of red-herring suspense and misdirection in the historical murder mystery set at the start of the dissolution of the monasteries.  It’s a good read, if not a little dry.  The motive behind the murder very much requires disbelief to be suspended and is somewhat of a stretch.  However, it’s entertaining enough, but not unputdownable.  I read it gradually over two weeks and was easily distracted from it.  I won’t be reading the rest of the series, as I actually found Shardlake, our sleuth, rather supercilious and just a bit pompous – usually there can be some endearing quality to these character attributes.  Not for Shardlake in my opinion.  He also has a tenancy of coming across a spot lascivious and not a little pathetic and desperate.

2.5 out of 5

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