The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

STATUS:  Completed

Gritty and, at times, exceptionally uncomfortable to read.  Rachel, our protagonist/anti-hero is a complicated character and her characterisation is superb.  Who Rachel is, was and may well become is laid startling bare on the pages by Hawkins.  A depressed alcoholic starting from the bottom again while her ex-husband seems to be veritably winning at life.  Until she spies a murder from her seat on the train.  I love that.  So often we stare out of the windows on trains and look into people’s gardens.  And, every now and then, we see someone.  That uninvited view is regularly overlooked, but Hawkins mingles it with a consuming obsession.  The ending though; it wasn’t great.  The weaker parts of the novel, and they’re a little glaring, could have been forgiven had the conclusion not been so… meh.  Hawkins steered us on an original and thrilling ride to a clichéd and damp squib ending.  It was as though the end wasn’t important.  The suspense and storytelling until that point had been almost top-notch.  The weaker parts of the novel and the ending came across as bits of the story Hawkins wasn’t interested in as much.  A shame, really.  A little re-jigging and this could have been wizard.

2.5 out of 5

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