Lady Worsley’s Whim by Hallie Rubenhold

or “The Scandalous Lady W”

STATUS: Completed

Lady Seymour Worsley was a compelling woman, equipped with beauty, wit and charm; but more so, Lady Worsley had a perceptive heart and resourceful mind.  Reading of her infamous, cause célèbre criminal conversation trial in 1782 was not only riveting and lousy with intrigue, but it was also moving, heart stopping and laden with expertly crafted suspense.  Rubenhold’s subject and genre thrill me: little known, but scandalous episodes from the Cs18th and 19th.  Lady Worsley’s affair and saga is captured onto the page with heart and a love of storytelling.  I adored this history book.  Lady Worsley, and her conduct during her day in court, will forever remain in my memory.  What an extraordinary woman; motivated by love and the receiving of it and without fear of sacrificing what she needs to in order to protect her love and serve justice.  Criticism?  The book’s length: the context and background were a little heavy at certain points, and (without wishing to sound dismissive) I can only remember the good, interesting bits.  Maybe, for a little episode of history, contextual setting the length of what you’d expect for a history book on the French Revolution is not necessary.  However, read this and allow Lady Worsley into your heart; she deserves to be there.

4 out of 5

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