Pop Goes the Weasel by M. J. Arlidge

STATUS:  Completed

I certainly wasn’t bored reading the second instalment of Arlidge’s D. I. Helen Grace series.  I hadn’t realised it was a series, otherwise I definitely would have started with the first, Eeny Meany.  However, I’m not sold.  The pacing was brilliant; the premise was terribly dark; the story telling was thrilling and gritty.  So what was wrong?  It’s the heroine, Ms Grace.  She’s not likeable.  She’s miserable and takes herself too seriously.  In trying to write a very compelling, very dark procedural series about murder, rape and abuse, Arlidge has removed any light relief.  It’s a full-on roller coaster of pain and misery.  To relax herself, Grace doesn’t pop out for a drink; she pays someone to sexually beat her up.  There’s no release.  Even the grittiest stories have a little let-up.  Not this one.

1.5 out of 5

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